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Dread Weaver ... sculpture by Zachary Knight Continuum ... painting by Zachary Knight Escape ... sculpture by Zachary Knight Escape (detail) ... sculpture by Zachary Knight Flesh ... painting by Zachary Knight Stifle ... painting by Zachary Knight Smother ... painting by Zachary Knight Intramental ... painting by Zachary Knight


Zachary Knight is an American artist whose fine art is often dark, surreal, erotic, or any combination thereof. Most of his work is mixed media, whether two-dimensional or sculptural. Zachary has also had a freelance business for over 15 years, specializing in graphic design and web production.


"You may be surprised to hear that I don't intend to depress you or frighten you. That said, many of my visuals can be considered scary, or at least gloomy. But that is simply intrinsic to dark art and we all have some common unsettling associations with darkness itself. Some of us find a kind of comfort. I am just not comfortable surrounded by bright colors — I need the addition of an anchor of black.

But black is just as visual for me as it is emotional. A mechanism of contrast and simplification. In the end, the products of imagination are most important. I'd love the viewer to see something new and feel a sense of intrigue, even whimsy! And while many of my paintings and sculptures do incubate in the worlds of chronic depression and disenchantment, even those do not end there and wallow in terror or pain — as is often the case with my influences, like Giger or Beksinski. My works are ultimately open narratives that could have any nature of endings."


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