My City Banner Designs Are Flying High

A project I’d been working on with our local Merchants Association (Gulfport, Florida) for several months has finally borne its fruit… about 200 banners have been hung on posts all over the city (see image above).

The initial plan was to design a banner with the “Welcome To Gulfport” logo, city seal, and a gecko (our city’s mascot) and then have 4 or 5 different colored backgrounds for variety.  But I found some inspiration in the sculptural mosaic signs by local artist Tom Pitzen that had just been installed around town. Each sign incorporated objects representative of the city. My suggestion to follow that lead was well-received and we decided to create four different banners.

When the city council saw the finished images, they were excited enough to add money to the project’s budget and have us make two additional designs. See the final six below.

The overall style is, like all of the marketing that I’ve been doing for our GMA, reminiscent of the old-school Florida postcards – beach scene word art, campy typography, postal stamping , gradients – but a bit more polished.

Read more about it in the article from The Gabber.

Ford Logo Parody For The Foodie Auto Enthusiast

I was staring at the Ford logo while waiting at a traffic light and it made me chuckle when I envisioned this here alternative version … an homage to yumms. I dig it cuz, while I could care less about archaic transportation, frequently I just plain love food!  … it’s almost like my body needs it … anyhoo, friends have also been thrown into fits of joy over this, for various reasons, so I’ve made it available on tee shirts and other cool shtuff you can get at my Artist Shop powered by Threadless.

This led to several other designs, all of which I’ll be adding soon.