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About a year ago I started the process of removing myself from some key aspects of my business … web production and graphic design. Yikes! As you might guess the financial repercussions have been unpleasant. But, the web industry has become a cookie-cutter, tech-failure-ridden wasteland virtually devoid of creativity and I realized I needed to resuscitate the sickly artist within me … stat!

In my quest to return to creating for the sake of creating, I’ve been fondling my old artwork … and digitizing it for preservation and presentation. Everything from high school work and on. And that has been a great catalyst.

“Flesh” is the first piece from my last body of work … art that is dark in aesthetics and themes. Below is the text that accompanies it. The texts in these pieces would be inspired by the developing painting and in turn inspire the direction of the painting … the feedback loop drove the evolution. Usually I would mount the text along side the artwork when displaying publicly, but I didn’t consider it vital.

to desperation.
Self is ripped
like flesh…

Original painting is soft pastels over India ink and acrylic, 25″x37″

UPDATE: I’ve made it available on tee shirts and other cool shtuff you can get at my Artist Shop powered by Threadless.

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